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Shane Cooper: remote control Interactive networked installation (1999)
© Shane Cooper


“net_condition. Art and Politics in the Online Universe”, ZKM | Karlsruhe (D), 09/23/1999-01/17/2000

technique/material/hardware, software: 

Hardware: Silicon Graphics O2 television modified remote control unit infrared receiver (NEC-IR2PC ) digital audio delay unit (Yamaha SPX-1000) multi effect processor free standing white wall 2 sofas table Software: Alive! True Talk custom software for linguistic manipulation News Ripper, GNU WGet


Concept and realization: Shane Cooper Animation and application software: Shane Cooper 3D modeling: Sabine Hirtes, Christina Zartmann Documentation: Christina Zartmann Application hardware: Torsten Ziegler, Dirk Heesakker Network: Torsten Ziegler, Manfred Hauffen Audio consulting: Torsten Belschner, Manfred Hauffen Design: Matthias Gommel and Kai Richter Special thanks to Nicole Weber and Bernd Lintermann Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and ZKM | Karlsruhe.


ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and ZKM | Karlsruhe, 1999.

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